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Digital Mix Marketing Common SEO Mistakes

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a major issue for companies wishing to have high visibility on google and other search engines, high ranking can result in large increases in sales as many more potential customers are able to locate and find your businesses products and services. With such high benefits of being ranked highly competition is fierce with thousands of companies competing for those top spots.

Digital Mix Marketing are experts in SEO, here at some common mistakes made by companies large and small, reducing their visibility on google and other search engines.

Not Considering SEO from the start
Many pitfalls of seo can be avoided from the beginning, before you start the design and construction of the website, consider what keywords you will wish to found under and ensure that these keywords are integrated into the websites URL structure as well using these keywords as anchor text for your websites internal links. Once a website has been built going back an optimising it for SEO can be a costly and time consuming job, as well as result in other problems that could have been avoided if seo was a factor in the initial website construction.

Believing an SEO expert can solve all your problems with a one of consultation
SEO consultation can be helpful, they can highlight problems with your website, give guidance how to fix possible penalties or mistakes, but it is important to remember that SEO is a long term job. Your search engine strategy needs to analysed constantly with amendments made to your seo strategy as necessary. You must consider an seo a long term partner reacting to the changing google algorithm while building up and improving your website.

Create website content primarily for search engines
When creating content for your website it is important to consider search engines and use keywords that you will wish the page to be found under, but it is important to remember that you must write content for user first, if you do get good rankings for your content it is important that the visitors are getting given high quality content that they will find useful and give a good impression of your business. It is also to remember that google is getting increasingly more advanced and can penalise you if your website content is over optimised.

Not producing new fresh content for your website
Many sites will not have added any new fresh content to there website since it went live, search engines are always looking for high quality content, if you have a website that has regular updates of high quality content, google will increase the frequency of when your site is crawled and help improve you viability on search engines. Search engines love fresh content and robots generally take the opportunity to come back and visit your site more if they see it is changing, growing and evolving. A good website that grows and evolves with the addition of quality content can help you stand out from the competition. A good content marketing strategy can be a strong ally to your overall search engine strategy.

Bought links
Many websites offer links for sale and promise these links will aid you in your search for the google top spot, since the penguin update many websites selling links were penalised along with the sites that they are linking to, buying links is like walking in a mine field, when one bad link can have very negative impact on your google rankings. Instead you must generate natural back links by generating high quality content and engagement with others via social media and other methods to grow your overall online presence.

Not being on social media networks
Social networks are an important part of your digital marketing mix, a good presence on social media provides an excellent way of distributing your content, this can increase traffic to your website as well as helping you build natural links.

Duplicate content
Content is king, but your content should be fresh and unique, duplicate content can result in negatively impact on your search engine as google will consider your website low value and not useful, there are various tools to check your content is unique a popular tool is copyscape that tell you the percentage of duplicated content of your website.

Not optimising for local searches A large percentage of google search are location specific, such as stafford windows or london hotel, remember that since the release of the pigeon update these localised search do show different results and can be highly profitable being displayed on these serps. Even if your company offers products or services (inter) nationally, ensuring you are found for these local search can still deliver high volumes of traffic to your website.

Mistakes in your seo can result in poor results in the serps or even expose your website to the possibility of a penalty if you are look for a professional who can develop an effective strategy, advise you and guide you on how to optimize SEO and collaborate with to offer you an increase your search engine positions for the long term. Do not hesitate to contact us at digital mix marketing and we can help you develop a long term seo strategy.

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