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Many websites created have not reached their potential as a source of new business for your company, getting your website ranked highly in Google or getting lots of traffic from other sources is great but if these visits are not turning to purchases or enquires then you must look at why not.

A website should focus on the visitor

It is important that you have a good picture of your target market, your website has a specific target group of visitors that you expect an action, usually either buying your product or completing an enquiry form. It is important that your website offers your visitors the content they are looking for.

  • The content should match the expectations of visitors
  • The content must be tempting
  • Must have easy conversion options such as filling out a form, completing online purchase
  • The visitors should be able to find what they want on the website at a glance

As well as generating increase in our income a well optimised online presence can also be used to help reduce costs, do you continue getting asked the same question over and over, answer it online, this can greatly reduce the amount of time taken with non sale related queries as well as giving your visitors to your website a better experience.

If you wish to make the most of your websites traffic, and help improve your websites ROI then the Stafford web design agency is here o help, offering our expertise and experience at affordable prices.

Here at Digital Mix Marketing we review your website statistics via analytic tools, finding pages on your website that are getting traffic and not converting and redesigning these pages carrying out A/B testing to find what page design and structure helps translate visitors into business.

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