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More visitors, leads and sales, Google Adwords can be a cost effective solution to driving traffic to your website. We help get the maximum results from your PPC budget offering a simple, fast and effective advertising service.

What is PPC

The google search results can be split into two distinct categories, natural results and paid results. PPC is the process of bidding to be located within the paid results section, offering a built in targeting service you will be able to pick the location of who will see your advertisements and set budgets on how much you are willing to spend on advertising your company on adwords. A big advantage of adwords is you only pay when a customer clicks on your advert, meaning that you are only paying for visits to you website.

Digital Mix Marketing is web design agency are experts in optimisation PPC campaign and managing budgets large and small, whether you are looking for help setting up an account for the first time or a review of your current adwods account contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements.

Keyword Selection

One of the most important parts of a a successful paid search campaign is the selection of converting keywords, we work with you to gain an understanding of your market place and create a campaign that not only has the high traffic keywords but also more long tale niche keywords that may convert with excellent ROI, we also generate a list of negative keywords to be ignored ensuring you are not paying for wasted clicks.

Once the campaign has been set up we monitor the keywords to ensure they are converting at a good cost per application / sale and take action on those keywords not converting.

Conversion Optimisation

Another important aspect of an adwords campaign is that the landing pages you are using are of high quality and turn your visitors into clients, we make sure the landing pages are built to maximise conversion from the selected keywords and again monitor to ensure the conversion remains high.

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