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Digital Mix Marketing What factors affect search engine rankings

Google and other search engines take into account numerous factors to order the websites for the different search phrases and keywords. With upwards of 200 ranking factors with different levels of important, although the exact formula is unknown, there are numerous factors that seem to stand out in importance. Search engine factors can be split into onsite and offsite factors.

Onsite Search Engine Factors

Keyword Use Anywhere in the Title Tag (keywords in titles all browser use) - The title tag of the page has long been considered an important factor of a webpage, the title is also often used as the display text in the google serps, a good title tag may help the click thru of people on to your website.

Keywords in the Domain - The importance of exact match domains seems to have been reduced, but an exact match domain can still help improve your search rankings.

Site Architecture - The construction of the site can have a huge impact, you must ensure the site is constructed so google is able to crawl the website and index the individual page.

Keyword Use in Document Text (keyword density in the content = relevance) - Ensure your website includes the various different keywords you are wanting to be found under, ensure your content is well written and natural, try to answer the different questions your visitors may be asking.

Offsite Search Engine Factors

Anchor text of links (anchor text links from external sites) - Anchor text is the keywords used from the link text to your website, it is important that these links are created naturally but keyword rich anchor text could help increase your serps, you also need to ensure anchor text is natural with brand related links.

External Link Popularity (amount of external links) - Links from around the internet is counted as you increase in the number of links the higher the rankings, google is able to spot artificial links and purchased links that could cause a penalty for your website.

Diversity of Link Sources (links from different websites) - It is not just the number of links but also the domains from which they are located, varied domains of high quality can help increase your websites position, creating quality unique contact can attract natural links from around the internet.

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