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Content marketing has become an indispensable marketing technique for brands both large and small. The term content marketing refers to practices that aim to make available to prospects or customers a number of useful or entertaining content. It should not be confused with the brand marketing, it does not use editorial content but directed and produced a narrative content becomes a medium. It's more of a message but an experience.

The goal of content marketing is to create a relationship and affinity with the customer over the long term . It also requires social networks: the content to be distributed, relayed, and shared on all social media that are part of our lives every day.

Content marketing is an important part of the digital marketing mix and can be integrated with other digital marketing techniques, so the impact is powerful and increases the visibility and brand awareness while creating an interaction with input generated by the content, shares on social networks.

Customers want quality and Culture

The content marketing helps to attract and retain customers by a non-commercial act (advertising). Brands are becoming more and more institutional and customers increasingly demanding. They do not want to be treated as objects . Brands must therefore develop other means of communication whose purpose is not for profit.

Creating a trust between the brand and the customer, even if the ROI is not immediate is vitally important in today marketing mix. Good content creates commitment based on the long term, this also helps to differentiate you from other brands . The content marketing is a strategy in itself: the famous saying "Content is king" today shows the importance of integrating this discipline in to your marketing mix.

The content marketing is the art of communicating with customers and prospects without selling. This address is a human person with a message with high added cultural value, structured and personalized. The objective is to create a real commitment between the customer and the brand and loyalty by attractive content, quality and informative.

So many brands create content through blog posts, or through articles published on different media or by applications, of course, the content must be consistent with the brand and the industry, making them interesting creating a real community around that content, which will then be shared on social networks.

The border is increasingly decreasing between SEO and traditional marketing

Good content marketing offers real quality content helping promote good SEO for your website. High quality unique content will naturally attract links from external websites, helping achieve more visibility on search engines. The search engine Google wants to provide the most relevant information, if your website has lots of relevant content then google may find you to be an authority in your business area.

In this information overload age, the volume of data on the Internet is growing exponentially. Thus, the real challenge for content marketing is to differentiate this mass of information through a qualitative and relevant content . Humans are not the only target, the contents must also meet the robot named Google. Search engines are becoming more critical and sanctions for artificially created content and content without substance, the moral is clear, making quality content is vitally important, if you would like help developing a content marketing plan from the creation of quality to content to help distributing your content, please contact us for help and a discussion.

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