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More than a billion people worldwide use the social network Facebook, giving it huge potential as a marketing channel. Digital Mix Marketing can help you promote your company at affordable rates, reaching targeted visitors who will purchase and engage with your brand and your products.

Facebook advertising through Facebook Pages

Within Facebook, company pages provide a free resource for businesses to communicate to their customers. Facebook Company profiles and Facebook fan pages, can be created and managed completely free. The fan pages actually look exactly like normal user profiles and always you to post news on advertising post on Facebook. If you are wanting to maximise your reach and engagement of your facebook page you should make your page content interesting and informative, special promotions can be used to help promote user engagement Stafford web design agency will work with you to create a facebook page your visitors will find it interesting and useful and help you promote your company via the facebook platform.

Facebook advertising through Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can best be compared with the Google Adwords system. Here you can advertise using Facebook throughout the social network advertising program. The Facebook advertising is displayed on all pages of the social network. Interactive displays, the "Facebook Engagement Ads" allow user communications directly within Facebook.

The biggest advantage of Facebook Ads is that you can expand it to Facebook Engagement Ads. These allow users of the social network immediately interact with ads. Within the display, it can thus predict, for example, an event, respond to a survey or tell friends that you like this Facebook page.

Facebook Marketing through Facebook applications

Facebook is not only a website but it’s a platform that allows developers to create interesting apps that can be used to help create a viral application that catches the interest of facebook users.

Whatever your needs and requirements Facebook can be a valued addition to your marketing profile, we can work with you to manage your facebook advertising program and help promote your website, company and products.

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