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Digital advertising is a tough subject to talk about, with lots of buzz words, technical barriers and lack of knowledge. You know that marketing today is very different, it is important to reach consumers where they are now found and this is on the internet, this means that modern business have to embrace digital advertising and overcome the barriers of a modern digital marketing plan.

Many companies have a small web presence with a simple static website that has been built two years ago and not been updated since its launch, believing the website as low importance. Many of these companies have thrived for years without investing in digital advertising, and creating a digital marketing campaign is not on the top of their to do list. Here are some arguments for these companies to invest in promoting your company via digital marketing channels.

At present google is the best friend of many businesses in a wide variety of sectors. From current figures Google has around 1.17 billion people every day ask the US giant to search for information about products and services. There are high chances that among these users there are customers for your businesses products or services who do not yet know anything about you, so although your business is currently doing well without being shown on google, with the added exposure you could greatly increase your sales.

Your competitors are already digital marketing

A huge percentage of companies use the internet as a means to reach new prospects and customers. If you do a search for your product or service you will be presented with hundreds of thousands of results many of which will be offering the same or similar products as you. As well as search engines, it is highly likely that your competitors are, already invest in social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn amongst other, social media has a significant influence on consumer buying behaviour and can increase customer retention and reduce cost of communicating to your customer base.

Here at digital mix marketing we are experts in digital advertising and can show you examples of strategies employed by other companies to interact with their customers, to broadcast special offers or to optimize their position on the market.

Content marketing is king
Consumers appreciate companies that regularly broadcast content that answers their questions giving the impression that the company if friendly and receptive.

Investing in content marketing ensures that:

  • Position yourself as an expert in your field of competence;
  • Achieve greater visibility by promoting inbound traffic to your website;
  • optimize rankings on search engines.

Therefore, investing in a business blog is an excellent way to get both feet in the digital and observe in the medium term, improvements in terms of ROI, also know that the broadcast frequency may directly impact on your customer acquisition.

Potential savings thanks to digital marketing

Here is the argument that should definitely hold sway for any company, investment in many forms of digital marketing is cost effective. Customer acquisition through digital marketing strategies (blog, social networking, SEO) compared to traditional marketing (advertising, direct marketing, etc.) is often considered more cost effective and when used in conjunction with offline marketing can become an excellent marketing mix. Think about it: how much cost you your last offline advertising campaign? By adopting the strategies of web marketing, you will get more results for a fraction of the cost, and you will be able to occupy much more "space" than the one you covet traditional marketing.

New opportunities on the internet

If your company is not fully exploiting the potential of digital marketing, you are missing out on some huge opportunities in this increasingly competitive market.

Digital Marketing is Not That Complicated

Though many companies think that digital marketing sounds complicated, it is important to remember that the digital universe meets its own codes, some items are still very accessible. Remember that digital marketing brings together two major parameters, namely traffic and conversion rates. In other words increase the number of people who are aware of you then convert these people in to customers, this is the same principle as offline marketing.

If you would like a free consultation on digital advertising, from analysis of how your competitors are advertising on the internet to the improvements you can make with your own online presence please don`t hesitate getting in touch

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