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Having your website on the first page of Google results can translate into huge amounts of traffic, around 90% of the clicks are received from the first page. When we go to the second page of results, traffic drops significantly. Here at the Digital Mix Marketing seo agency we work with our clients to maximise the exposure of your website within google and other major search engines. We maintain an ethical approach to give your business that competitive advantage.

Search engine optimization is an on-going process

The biggest misconception that people make about search engine optimization is that it is a one-time activity. The way search engines index websites and the algorithm which determines the positions of the billions of websites changes continuously.

Your competition also continually striving for improvements not sitting still. It is therefore important that the optimization of the website is a process and not a onetime activity. We offer a program where you pay a low monthly rate. So you get a low cost investment the best result, we work with you to find niche keywords and compelling content as well as helping you improve your websites customer journey, helping you maximise our websites traffic from search engines.

Website Content

It is important your website has comprehensive content on the different area`s that you wish to rank for, the content must be useful, interesting and engaging to both visitors and search engines, there is no point being ranked number one in google with a page that will not convert visitors to customers.

Crawlability and Architecture

A well designed website that a search engine can crawl is of vital importance, we ensure that all titles, description, canonical and pagination tags are in place so that search engines can easy access and index your website.


Gone are the day where you can rank highly on google with lots of low quality links, we have a campaign driven process to link building where we create engaging high quality content that other websites will naturally pick up and link to.

If you would like a free review and consultation of your website then please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have on promoting your business on search engines.

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