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By helping you master search marketing we attract qualified traffic to your website to help meet your business objectives, whether visits, leads, sales, downloads or installations is your aim search marketing is one of the most important channels for your digital marketing mix, making it vital to create an integrated search marketing plan.

Search marketing can be split into numerous sub sections, these include paid search, search engine optimisation and local search marketing, when creating your plan it is important to consider all three of these options and how to use them in relation to your company. A good search marketing plan can help in the development of marketing your business and greatly influence the growth and development of your companies’ position in the market.

Digital Mix Marketing are masters in search engine marketing with specialist knowledge in SEO, SEM and PPC with skilled professionals able to understand, analyze and plan strategically SEO campaigns and SEM and squeeze the most from your Google Adwords budget.

Our Search Marketing Campaign includes

  • Create a list of keywords and create models of traffic for SEO and PPC .
  • Define, plan and optimize a campaign of Search Engine Marketing
  • Create structured campaigns, track and report of results.
  • Optimise page conversion from the traffic received from the search engines

Digital Mix Marketing work with our clients to create a search marketing campaign tailored to your individual business and industry, with experience in finance, tradesmen, retail as well as the service industry we bring our experience of google and other search engines to help promote your business on the internet.

Natural Search

Organic search results are a fantastic source of traffic for your website, although it being highly competitive to achieve page one rankings on google and other search engines, with the proper targeting and creating an interesting website that adheres to seo principles that will attract natural links, excellent results can be achieved.

Paid Search

Google and other search engines offer a paid option, this guarantees traffic to your website as you pay per click, using a bidding algorithm use are able to set a daily budget and put a value on each keyword and visitor to your website. We work with you to create a plan for your paid search campaign and monitor it as it runs to ensure you are getting value for money, keeping a close eye on the cost per lead / sale and your ROI on the campaign as a whole as well as individual keyword level.

Local Search Marketing

Search engines give you access to a global market, but some companies only cover set geographical locations, we help ensure your business is correctly set up on google places so that your company is displayed highly to potential customers in your area.

If you are interested in one or all of these search marketing techniques, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch for a free consultation.

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