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Pinterest opens the doors of many advertising opportunities for all types of businesses; Pinterest gives advertisers the ability to use their social network as a platform for advertising. Creating an engaging presence on pinterest can create great exposure for your brand to potential customers and advocates of your products and services.

As well the free advertising opportunity offered by pinterest there is also the option of sponsored pins . Pinterest is especially interesting for brands that target especially a young female audience, since women account for 80% of users of this network and their ages are between 24 and 34 years. You may also be attractive to brands that benefits them promote their products through photography, such as clothing, accessories, jewellery, and events.

Figures from pinterest show that sponsored pins work well in promoting your brand with advertisers experiencing a 30% increase in the number of pins that users save on their boards for their brand.

Another beneficial feature is sponsored pin achieved widespread exposure for up to one month after the end of the campaign , 5% of users keeps these pins on your board for at least a month.

As mentioned before, there are brands that are on Pinterest an ideal platform for the type of product they sell.

If you would like more information on social marketing and a free consultation about adding pinterest into your online marketing mix please contact us with your needs and requirements.

As well as pinterest we have marketing options for facebook, instagram, google+, twitter as well as many other smaller social networks some of which are sector specific.

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