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Digital Mix Marketing Google Pigeon: a new algorithm dedicated to local search

The google algorithm is always changing and evolving, the google pigeon update is one of the new wave that SEO specialist are having to get to grips with. Launched in the USA on July 24th 2014it did not take long before it crossed the Atlantic and started influencing the SERPS here in the UK.

Unlike previous updates such as panda and penguin, the pigeon update is specifically targeted towards local search engine optimization, making it very important for small to medium sized companies. It specifically affects the more geographical searches such as “London Restaurant”, “Stafford Conservatories” or Bed and Breakfast Cornwall.

The update has seen big increases in exposure for the local directories such as yellow pages, Thomson local and Trip Advisor, but it has also increased the importance of ensuring a properly set up google maps entry for your own business.

The criteria taken into account by Google Pigeon

The new algorithm aims to provide more relevant results dependent on the location of the searcher, this works when people search with the addition of a location but on occasion will also take your location from your device, increasing the impact especially on mobile devices .

To process the data, the algorithm will take several criteria into account. There will be traditional factors such as the quality of the backlinks, the authority of the domain and web content quality . But it will also add the opinions of users, the use of lexical field of keyword, the Google Knowledge Graph and of course, the real-time location.

Here at Digital Mix marketing we have noticed that sectors such as restaurants, tradesmen and hotels have been greatest influenced by the update, although other business types have also seen large impacts.

5 actions to improve your search ranking after penguin

The most important is to boost its local presence, here are 5 actions to carry out now:

1. Creating a Google Plus Local page
Professional page on Google Plus amounts to a virtual business card, provided that the information is regularly updated. You can group your contact information and thus be located on Google Maps

2. The entry in local directories
Add yourself in local directories (only the good ones) For your local SEO, bet on sites such as the Yellow Pages, TripAdvisor or Yelp, normal rules of seo apply, build the link for the traffic do not add yourself to thousands of low quality directories, this will only see the worst happen to your website.

3. Optimization of customer reviews
Google Pigeon seems to give importance to the opinions of consumers, encourage your loyal customers to leave comments on your page and on Google Plus your listings in local directories. Obviously, the more you positive ratings, the better you will be positioned in the SERPs .

4. The establishment of a geolocated Content Marketing campaign
Differentiate yourself from your local competitors with unique and authentic content . Go even further, to boost SEO by offering relevant content to users in the target area. Also, do not deprive yourself of a constant presence on social networks. These platforms offer you the opportunity to make yourself known in your area and possibly generate quality backlinks from people local to you.

5. The data markingUse Google Structured Data Markup for your structured data. This will indicate valuable information about your business and your location to search engines. You better go up on geo research.

If you have any question on google pigeon and would like a free consultation on how you could benefit from improving your local search engine results please contact us at digital mix marketing and we will be happy to discuss the best next steps for your company.

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