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Social media campaign do not work the same as other traditional marketing channels, with many businesses If you try to make money by buying advertising via Facebook Ads, and directing your link to a page that sells a product, this will not result in success.

Many social media users are not at the point of purchase and wish to be entertained not purchase, this does however give you an opportunity to engage with potential customers and get a head start when the customer is looking to purchase.

The solution to a successful social campaign is to give social media users what they need, and seek to sell to them in the future.

The interrupt marketing does not match the social network advertising

Do you follow a lot of Twitter accounts that offer only promotional links? Are you a fan of Facebook pages that only advertise products or services of a business? These pages will not attract vast numbers of new followers. A good social media channel offer quality information, that visitor are able to lean from or things that are entertaining or funny.

If you manage to connect to someone via a social media campaign then these social media followers are more likely to purchase from you in the future because you have already demonstrated your value by bringing you relevant information, creating a human relationship between you and them by sharing their daily lives, and inviting you to the discussion.

Social networks are not suitable marketing interrupt, one trying to get your attention to bring you directly to a commercial offering, they are more suited to permission marketing, one giving permission before receiving promotions, although this can be more difficult in customer acquisition is does create a deeper connection transforming strangers into friends and friends into customers.

How to start a profitable marketing campaign on Twitter and Facebook?

By providing relevant information, creating links, developing a community and opening the discussion you make your brand friendly and approachable. Where the marketing interruption brings single-use customers, this approach then allows you to build a fan base. Contacts who appreciate you, who talk about you to their friends, and who buy repeatedly.

The value of this community is difficult to measure in numbers, yet it is obvious that it has no common value with the disposable customers you provide traditional marketing to.

A marketing campaign on social networks can be extremely effective. It is an approach that is a hard sell to the "old" marketing, companies that have a strong culture of interruption marketing.

The good news is that the two approaches are not incompatible. Traditional marketing can be used to bring visitors to your social platforms to strengthen your customer relationships and improve customer retention.

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