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Social networks are websites that allows groups of individuals or organizations to discuss speak and interact with each other. They share opinions, ideas or content, social networks have exploded with the advent of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linked In, to mention but a few. In fact, there are hundreds of platforms that create community between people and / or businesses. This is why it is important, before embarking on your "conquest" of the web, to determine where your customers, so by extension what platforms to use.

There are several "families" of social networks.

Personal social networks:

Here, we talk networks like Facebook (with over 1 billion users to date, this is the best known and most popular). They allow to find information on family members or friends. We can exchange photos and videos, chat with them, organize events, etc.

Social entertainment networks:

They allow to share and stream music or videos. Among the best known include among others Youtube and as Myspace These are portals that can help promote yourself especially artists and bands.

Social business networks:

Linked In is a good example of this type of network, business social networks allows you to connect with colleagues in offices, suppliers, business partners or potential employers. By creating a profile, they can include their resume and accomplishments. We can also interact with others by discussing our industry.

Once you have decided what social media markets you are going to enter you must then create a campaign that will grab and engage potential customers and grow your reach via these networks. An important consideration on the creation of your social campaign is tone of voice for your company, friendly humorous voice is good for increasing your reach but may be suited to some industries and may cause negative impression with some potential clients alternatively you can take a more professional expert tone of voice, this can set you up as an authority in your industry but may reduce the opportunity to grow your social reach further, we work with you to establish a tone of voice best suited to your business sector and your companies personality.

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